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We’ve moved!

October 2, 2014

Hey friends!  Heads up – this site is being moved to a new location- Urban Valley Farm – where I’ll be posting with more frequency again and updating all the things happening in the yard and the kitchen . See you there!


Vegan Strawberry Muffins

February 19, 2012


Light & crispy on top, moist & bouncy on the inside. Recipe from la pure mama.

Wintertime Moro Blood Oranges

December 31, 2011


These are the first pickings off the Moro Blood Orange tree we planted a year and a half ago.  Out of the dozens of blossoms that bloomed from the tree last year, only 4 fruited and ripened this Winter. I love how these look when you cut them open!Image

Colorful Containers

August 21, 2011

It’s getting towards the end of the summer, and the container plants have been looking a little depressed.   I had an embarrassingly good time by myself at the nursery picking out plants to refresh them.

Hanging Container Basket

Hanging Container Basket

Marigolds: has antiseptic properties and used for wound healing and detoxifying the lymphatic, digestive, & immune systems.

Blue Ageratum: also know as goat weed.  An ayurvedic medicinal plant historically used for cuts, wounds, bruises, pneumonia , & headaches.

Ivy Geranium: the essential oil has been used for skin conditioning, dermatitis, insect stings, & water retention.

Dahlberg Daisy: tiny yellow flowers that smell nice.  Attracts bees & butterflies.

Celosia: Externally as an extract, used to heal wounds, cuts, & sores.  Leaves are edible and has been used in treating some parasites.

All Green Container Planting

This pot is right next to the front door and usually greets people completely overflowing with the Foxtail fern that’s now in the back.  After a bit of careful muscling (with Vincent’s help) I was able to split the foxtail plant in half to start another pot and make room in the original container for a few new plants.  In front, I added a Sweet Potato Vine (I hope this cascades over)  & a little bit of Artemisia Silver Mound.  The combination of the textures & the different greens came out pretty cool, right?


Summer Backyard Update

August 20, 2011

Lot’s of pictures taken over the summer on what’s growing in the backyard.

Three sisters gardening

In the larger vegetable plot I wanted to try the 3 sisters method this season.  That’s where you plant corn, beans, & squash in a particular formation that allows each of the vegetables to help each other.  You start with corn and let that grow about 4″, then you plant the beans around the corn, and the squash in between the corn/bean combination.  The vining beans will use the corn stalk to climb, the corn shades the squash from the sun, & the squash covers the soil and keeps it moist and cool.  I planted patty pan squash (swimming in these now) and butternut squash to keep for the winter.

three sisters gardening close up

Here’s a close up.  This site provides a lot of helpful information to get started.

Globe Artichoke Plant

The artichokes from last year grew back.  They were even bigger this year and I’vebeen able to grab a couple for dinner every few weeks.

Globe Artichoke


Passion Fruit

Out of the hundreds of passion flowers that bloomed on this vine, this is the only fruit I’ve seen.  So it’s a little egg-shaped treasure, and I look at it everyday to see if it’s ready.

Garden Fresh Pasta

August 20, 2011

Garden Fresh Pasta


On the weekend, the easiest thing to make is pasta with a sauce made from fresh veggies & spices.  All the main ingredients except for the spaghetti & portobello mushrooms are from the backyard, yay!  The rest consists of onions, tomatoes, & patty pan squash.   Cumin, black pepper, salt, & cayenne pepper for spices.  Fresh basil leaves as garnish.

First Summer Harvest

July 9, 2011




The summer garden started late this year so I’m just pulling the first veggies.  Here’s what I picked earlier last week.  Some patty pan squash & super flavorful tomatoes.  This week’s pull has practically tripled.  And the butternut squash is starting to form up, so I should be buried in them by the end of August.