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Summer Backyard Update

August 20, 2011

Lot’s of pictures taken over the summer on what’s growing in the backyard.

Three sisters gardening

In the larger vegetable plot I wanted to try the 3 sisters method this season.  That’s where you plant corn, beans, & squash in a particular formation that allows each of the vegetables to help each other.  You start with corn and let that grow about 4″, then you plant the beans around the corn, and the squash in between the corn/bean combination.  The vining beans will use the corn stalk to climb, the corn shades the squash from the sun, & the squash covers the soil and keeps it moist and cool.  I planted patty pan squash (swimming in these now) and butternut squash to keep for the winter.

three sisters gardening close up

Here’s a close up.  This site provides a lot of helpful information to get started.

Globe Artichoke Plant

The artichokes from last year grew back.  They were even bigger this year and I’vebeen able to grab a couple for dinner every few weeks.

Globe Artichoke


Passion Fruit

Out of the hundreds of passion flowers that bloomed on this vine, this is the only fruit I’ve seen.  So it’s a little egg-shaped treasure, and I look at it everyday to see if it’s ready.

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