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Colorful Containers

August 21, 2011

It’s getting towards the end of the summer, and the container plants have been looking a little depressed.   I had an embarrassingly good time by myself at the nursery picking out plants to refresh them.

Hanging Container Basket

Hanging Container Basket

Marigolds: has antiseptic properties and used for wound healing and detoxifying the lymphatic, digestive, & immune systems.

Blue Ageratum: also know as goat weed.  An ayurvedic medicinal plant historically used for cuts, wounds, bruises, pneumonia , & headaches.

Ivy Geranium: the essential oil has been used for skin conditioning, dermatitis, insect stings, & water retention.

Dahlberg Daisy: tiny yellow flowers that smell nice.  Attracts bees & butterflies.

Celosia: Externally as an extract, used to heal wounds, cuts, & sores.  Leaves are edible and has been used in treating some parasites.

All Green Container Planting

This pot is right next to the front door and usually greets people completely overflowing with the Foxtail fern that’s now in the back.  After a bit of careful muscling (with Vincent’s help) I was able to split the foxtail plant in half to start another pot and make room in the original container for a few new plants.  In front, I added a Sweet Potato Vine (I hope this cascades over)  & a little bit of Artemisia Silver Mound.  The combination of the textures & the different greens came out pretty cool, right?


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