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Night Phlox

March 5, 2011

Ever since moving into the house, I’ve wanted to put together a night-scented garden.  The idea of sitting on the porch at night surrounded by the intoxicating-ly unique perfume of night-scented flowers is totally appealing.  Last March I attempted to seed 3 types of flowers:  Night Phlox, Night-Scented Stock, & Night-Scented Tobacco.  They were all seeded in peat pods and started indoors,  just like the other vegetables I was preparing for the spring & summer.   Well, basically, none of them seeded. 😦  I even tried again a few months later in July.      Nothing.

For most any type of plant, there is usually a small portion of seeds that don’t sprout.  I have a large terracotta pot, where recycled soil from these failed attempts are collected.  This is my emergency soil supply for what kind of emergency, I’m not sure yet.  Last November, a single sprout appeared!  Since it could be any number of flowers, herbs & vegetable I left it to see if I could identify it later.

It’s now March again (a year later) and the sprout has grown into an 8″ shrubby plant (still growing).  I’ve been trying to figure out what it could be – trying to match it to sprouts I’ve seen before.  This morning I was looking at it and noticed that it had flowers, but the petals were closed.  I remembered the night-scented flower failure and decided to check it out at night.  It’s 10:00pm now and I just came in from the backyard, having taken the picture above.  Woop, woop! It’s Night Phlox, it’s so cute, and it smells like awesome.  A vanilla jasmine-y with chocolate perfume smell.

In the last post, I mentioned that  I also tried seeding the night-scented stock & tobacco, again, a couple of months ago.  It was a success this time, and the seedlings are currently sitting under an indoor light.  Crossing fingers that these ones make it too!

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