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I Love Before & Afters!

December 11, 2010

It’s neat to see how things change over time!  I was taking a look at the backyard today and realized that, even though most of what I planted this fall didn’t make it, there’s still quite a bit going on.

Back in March, I picked up a deep pink Freesia plant at Green Thumb Nursery and put it in a planter by the front door.  We enjoyed about 4 months of fragrant blooms wafting through the front door.  It eventually died down, so I dug up the bulbs, put them into a spare pot with some dirt, and stored them in the garage.  Fast forward to winter, and I’m organizing the garage a bit.  I come across the spare pot and what do my lucky eyes see?  A little green blade has sprung up from the dirt.  I guess now is supposed to be the time for them to start growing leaves, so that they are ready to bloom in the spring.  I just wasn’t expecting this little surprise!  I brought the pot outside and added a sprinkle of compost on top.  It’s been shooting up leaves ever since.

In February, I posted  images of the sweet basil I was growing from seed.  Out of 6 basil seedlings, (upper right corner in the above image) only 2 made it through the summer outside.  But they survived, and have flourished in their little corner of the garden.  The stems are woody now and there are always plenty of leaves to use for cooking.  When I want a bunch of tender leaves, there are always new plants coming up from the understory of the main plants!  Are basil plants suppose to last year round?  I have no idea, but this one has so far.

And finally…probably my most favorite update is the new fence!  In older pictures, you could see parts of an old fence that extended from what looked like a newer fence.  I guess the neighbors had rebuilt it a few years ago, but stopped once the fence went beyond their detached garage.  Great for them, since the fence line on their side looked good.  Janky for us, since we could see the fence line all the way to the back of the property.  Well, we finally got around to building out the rest of it this month.  Actually, Vincent and his dad made the fence.  The most contribution I made to the fence was encouragement and cash for some of the lumber.  But I love it just as much as if I had built it.  Ha! 🙂   Oh, and that’s a  new moro blood orange tree in the dirt there.   I had been hesitate to plant anything near the old fence, knowing we’d need the space clear to build the new one.  I’m also planning on growing lemon grass in the space between the brick patio and fence.  Hopefully the vertical blades will look good there!

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