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Beer Battered Zucchini Flowers

July 18, 2010

One of my new found favorite not-exactly-healthy-for-you delicacies to make, now that I have a garden, is Beer Battered Zucchini Flowers.  I pick the flowers off the male stems (the flowers that aren’t attached to zucchinis) in the morning when they’re most open.  Wash them thoroughly.  The ants love to get under the stamen.  The beer batter is pretty easy!


1 part beer (not dark)

1 part all-purpose white flour

A handful of parsely, diced

Salt & pepper to taste

The steps are so simple!

1. Just whisk it all together. You should get something slightly thinner than pancake batter.  If you prefer a thicker batter, just add more flour.

2. Heat up about 2 inches of vegetable oil in a deep soup pot with a lid. (or use your deep fryer if you have one.)

3. Hold the zucchini flower by the stem and dip it completely into the batter.  Place it in the hot oil.  Flip the flowers to cook the other side, until both sides are lightly golden. You can place more than 1 flower in the oil, as long as they are not touching.  You’ll be pretty unhappy if they all start sticking together into one big fried mess.

4. Remove from oil and place on a rack to drip dry or on a paper towel to soak up the oil.

* Good with Cholula hot sauce. ^_^

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