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Southern California Sun

March 30, 2010

I love the hot, hot weather of the San Fernando Valley here in Los Angeles.  I grew up here.  I’m used to it.  And my favorite part of the year is when it’s hot enough to wear a tank top and shorts at night because it’s still sweltering.  That being said, the vegetables that started inside  a few weeks ago have already shriveled up and died in my raised plant beds outside.

Boo!  All of that time and effort to germinate the seeds and take care of the seedlings has gone down the toilet.  The only things that have survived are 2 tomato plants, which only get sun about 1/2 the day, and 3 artichoke plants that now have tall empty planters sitting between them and the afternoon sun. I do still have to plant the 2nd bed, which is full of dirt and no vegetables right now.  That’s where I’m going to put the onions from Green Thumb, heirloom garlic and lettuce from online, and heirloom radish seeds from a friend’s garden.

But what I did notice about the plants that are making it through is that the new leaf growth, since planting them outside, seems thicker and more hardy.  I think this is a sign that the plant is adapting and will hopefully make it through the summer.

The picture above is a look at the beds (which I’ve been talking about for a few months now) with hardly anything in them, since they all burned up so quickly.  It’s gloomy today and will most likely rain for the next 2 days.  After it dries up a bit, I’m going to try directly sowing a batch of vegetable seeds to see if they’ll germinate into tougher plants.

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