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Simply Freesia

March 12, 2010

I went to Green Thumb Nursery yesterday with the intention of buying a few onion plants and a trellis for the beans that will eventually climb up the fence on the side of the house.  I picked up 2 kinds of onions, White Sweet Spanish and Walla Walla, which will go into 1 of the 3 planting beds – probably companion planted with the tomatoes and lettuce.

But I should have never walked in the store with their “spend $50, and get $10 off” because that’s just what I did.  Ugh.  They had these chic planting containers on sale, as well as most of their annuals and perennials.  I ended up picking up way more than I had originally planned, and ended up with a tray full of hollyhock, spring cactus, freesia, salvia, oxalis, white clover, and, of course, the very cool ceramic planting container.

The container is now filled with the freesia taking center stage and the oxalis and white clover filling in on the sides.  It looks beautiful by the front door, giving the sparse (but awesome) front porch a little bit of personality.  In a few weeks, the freesia should be in full bloom and the oxalis and clover should spread and fill in the empty space.  Seriously, the chic-ness level has noticeably gone up.

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  1. March 29, 2010 8:38 PM

    I love Freesia! One of my favorite bulbs. I found out what Freesia was when I was in college walking passed a old and well used small, flower shop, right off of Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. I had next to none in the way of money, poor art student and all. Anyway , I walked by “freesia” and brought one sprig home to my apartment and placed it by my bed. The smell took me away from all my sadness and worries. I love Freesia , sure a lively fragrance.

    Your are very funny about spending $$ on plants. Trust me I know exactly how that feels. Beauty products as well. ( heee heee)

    • March 30, 2010 8:42 AM

      The smell is intoxicating! It’s been great having it on the front porch and next to the door. I can get a subtle whiff of its perfume every time I leave through the front of the house!


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